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Extra Co-Curricular Activities:

Stress is laid on co-curricular activities in order to build in the students a sense of self confidence and also develop a sense of sportsman spirit. Students play the usual games indoor as well as outdoor. Functional programs such as

  1. Annual sports,
  2. Annual concerts,
  3. Elocution contests,
  4. General Knowledge Contests,
  5. Educational tours in and outside the state.
  6. Art & Craft exhibitions,
  7. Science exhibitions
  8. Class Picnics
  9. Drawing & Painting Contests and other cultural functions for the education and cultural uplift of the children are organised periodically.

House System:

The school is divided into four Houses in order that a sense of competitiveness may be invoked in the students participating in the different activities of the school. Students with a good academic as well as good sports record are appointed School and team captains and prefects. This system of responsibility provides an opportunity to each student to aspire for an office. The Houses are: (a) Red House
(b) Blue House
(c) Green House
(d) Yellow House

The school has a well established library with a collection of standard books which include story books, reference books in every subject, various dictionaries, and encyclopedias, audio-video cassettes etc., to which new books are added annually.

There are also well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Mathematics etc.


The session followed by the School is from April to March i.e., the session commences in the month of April and ends in the month of March the following year.

Scheme of Studies:

It is expected that all students would have studied three languages upto Class VIII hence it is compulsory for all students to study a third language from Std. V to Vlll. Those students who do not clear the third language in Class Vlll and have been promoted to Class IX (in exceptional cases) shall be examined by the school at the end of Class IX in the same syllabus and text books as preschbed.for class Vlll. Those who are still unable to clear the third language at the end of Class IX may be given another opportunity in Class X (this will be entirely at the discretion of the Principal) No student shall be eligible to appear at the Secondary School Examination of the C.B.S.E. at the end of Class X unless he/she has cleared the third language English and Hindi must be two of the three languages offered as stated in note (i) above
The languages that can be offered : 1st language – English 2nd Language – Hindi and Third Language – Sanskrit or Urdu


80% of attendance is required of the students in order to appear at any of the examinations held in the school. A student absenting continuously for 10 days without any information will be considered as having left the school and his/her name will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission can be granted after paying the full dues along with re-admission charge/s.

    I -II     10 160 IN EACH
   III-V     18 160 IN EACH
   VI-VIII     18 160 IN EACH
IX 4 153
X 4 175